The SVC is proud to announce that our Alternative Spring Break Trip to the East Bay was a success! 12 UCSC students and one staff member worked on a new housing complex that Habitat for Humanity is building for low income residents in Oakland. Among other things, ASB participants built and raised walls, installed floors, and lent a hand to the overall construction of these homes. UCSC was joined on this project with student groups from University of Washington as well as Portland State University–all of whom contributed to this wonderful cause.

For our first day of the trip, we visited CSU East Bay where professor Benjamin Bowser gave a lecture on race, poverty, and social structure in the East Bay to the groups. We would like to thank him so much for this insightful learning experience! We also visited other key sites in the Bay Area, all of which added meaning to this local project.

The rest of the week, our ASB participants worked hard on building the initial structures for the Kinsell Commons, a housing area sponsored by Habitat for Humanity East Bay. We were split up into smaller groups and given crew leaders, who each helped their team work on a different task. UCSC students did all sorts of jobs including cutting out windows, installing wall panels, framing exterior walls, and building stairs. It was hard work but very fulfilling! We were so glad to gain construction experience and see our ASB participants doing things that they have never done before.

Alternative Spring Break was such an amazing trip and something the SVC hopes to continue for years to come! We would like to thank our wonderful participants for making this idea a reality.

Happy spring quarter!

-Erin Flannery, Program Manager

just some of the ASB participants on site!

Check out some of our videos!