Thank you to everyone who supported SVC and Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services by buying a slice of pie and donating money during our fundraiser on Monday, November 22nd. For weeks, SVC interns worked on organizing the fundraiser and despite cold weather, students and staff enthusiastically came out to support our fundraiser. With your help, the event was successful and we were able to give to a great cause! Jacob’s Heart provides support to not only children with cancer, but their families as well as they struggle through the hardships of illness. No one should fight cancer alone. This is why Jacobs Heart Foundation provides services like counseling to children with cancer and their families. SVC also thanks Emma Gilman, a representative from Jacob’s Heart who traveled from Watsonville and braced the cold and rainy weather during the fundraiser. Thank you to everyone who was so willing to give and listen to Jacob’s Heart. If you would like learn more about Jacob’s Heart visit or if you are interested in volunteering for upcoming SVC events please check out the “Calendar of Events” on our website at or stop by our office.
Again, thank you all for your support!

Have a great winter break!
-Brenda Beltran
SVC Intern