As you all know, Valentine’s Day has come and gone but the memories created on such a special day will last forever. This Valentine’s Day on campus was particularly extra special this year. The Student Volunteer Center hosted their first Valentine’s Day Candy Gram Extravaganza and Card Decorating fundraiser in the Quarry Plaza on February 10th and 14th! To inquring minds, fundrasing proceeds will be used to buy supplies for our up and coming Alternative Spring Break trip to Tacoma, Washington. We will be graciously hosted by and working for Habit For Humanity, building housing developments for families in need. This was only made possible thanks to all you wonderful folks who came by and supported our cause! For those of you who saw our “Love Hut” or are wondering about it, we sold home made cards made by SVC and our ASB volunteers, 1/2lb bags of decadent chocolates, white tulips and pink and red roses, offered a delivery service, and even offered our own make-your-card workshop. And as an extra special treat, all the left over cards and candies went to the families of the Homeless Services Center downtown. I think it’s safe to say the love this year was felt by the entire community.

If any the events on our blog site interest you and you’d like to become involved, please come visit the SVC office located on the 3rd floor of the Bay Tree Bookstore Building (our desk is behind the receptionist’s desk). We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have! You can also shoot us an e-mail at volunteer@ucsc.edu or check us out at our website http://volunteer.ucsc.edu

Thanks again for all your support as always! And remember:
You+Candy+Love= a home for a family in need
-Chris Silva
SVC Intern