Hi everybody,

Hope you all have enjoyed this busy and eventful quarter! On Wednesday March 2, SVC was invited to Second Harvest Food Bank Annual Reward Ceremony. SVC Director Kim Le and Intern Clarissa Zhang joined this ceremony to celebrate success that Santa Cruz residents had against hunger. Last fall, SVC organized a Meal Plan/Flexi Dollar Drive as well as Brown Bag Drive. Generous students helped us by donating a total of $2315.58 to Second Harvest Food Bank. UCSC donated 50,451 pounds of food, making it one of the top ten participating organizations. As a whole, Santa Cruz County residents raised over 2 million pounds of food this year. We were proud to see the extent that UC Santa Cruz would go to help fight hunger. All of these donations will help feed our neighbors in need!

Great job Slugs!!

For more information about Second Harvest Food Bank, visit The food bank.org

-Clarissa Zhang
SVC Intern