Hey Slugs!

I hope everyone has been enjoying this beautiful, unexpected February weather. SVC just held our first Family Student Housing Carnival on Sunday, February 12. Families with parents who attend the university were treated to a fun day of carnival games, prizes, entertainment, and delicious food. For several weeks we worked to create fun games and activities for kids of varying ages, find appropriate entertainment, the right kind of food, and create decorations. We provided games such as balloon darts, beanbag toss, a stumping brain trivia, and a dinosaur dig. Kids could win tickets from these games, which could be turned in for prizes, such as very popular inflatable guitars and Kanye West glasses. We were amazed by the strength of some kids. They were surprisingly good at popping balloons, which we even struggled with, and often knocked over our beanbag toss board. Many happy kids walked home for the carnival sporting the Kanye look, guitars in hand.

In addition to games, we provided lots of fun activities. Most popular was the bounce house, especially among the SVC staff. We couldn’t wait for the kids to go home so that we would have a chance to test out the bounce house. There were also many arts and crafts projects, including face painting, temporary tattoos, and coloring. Many kids were grossed out by the “nose pick game,” where children could reach their hands through a cardboard cut out of a nose and feel what was inside. One girl in particular ran off screaming towards the bathroom, after sticking her hand in the green died cornstarch. Children also enjoyed dressing up and having their picture taken in front of our backdrop. Girls in particular loved posing for the camera. Popular dress up items included bunny ears and bright red boas.

In the middle of the day, Comedy Joust, an on-campus improvisation group, provided us with entertainment. They supplied lots of laughter, especially for the adult crowd. The food was a large crowd-pleaser as well. For lunch, we got food catered by Joe’s Pizza and Subs. But despite the pizza, falafel, and pita bread, the most popular food item had to be a toss up between the cotton candy and snow cones. Many kids ran around with blue tongues and teeth after eating several snow cones. Others sported sugarcoated mouths and lips, hinting at their constant trips to the cotton candy machine.

As the carnival winded down, everyone could agree that the day was lots of fun. Kids went home after reaching their sugar quota, prizes in hand, faces painted, and with huge smiles on their faces. Parents also enjoyed spending time with their kids in a fun and stress-free environment. We were exhausted, now realizing how much energy kids have and how much they require, but not too exhausted to pass up an opportunity to jump on the bounce house.

In all the carnival was a great success! We thank all the volunteers who helped out, manning the booths and helping clean up. You guys are awesome! We look forward to making this carnival an annual event! See you next time!