Hello Slugs!

We hope you all enjoyed your beautiful three day/ President’s day weekend! It was quite an eventful one for us here at the Student Volunteer Center as well as for the resident’s of Family Student Housing. Over the course of the past few weeks, the staff and interns here had been designing posters, making arrangements for food and entertainment and preparing for arts and crafts for the second annual Family Student Housing Carnival–and I must say, it was quite successful! The event was held on Monday, February 18th from 12-3pm and we had 105 guests from Family Student Housing show up! Unfortunately the weather was not quite as beautiful as it had been the previous two days, but the smiles of the children warmed our hearts more than the sun could have. These smiles were brought about by the many booths we had, the special guests that made an appearance and the prizes that the kids had a chance to win

Just to list a few, we had a Brain Trivia booth which was planned and set up by our intern Daniel Reichman, where the kids had an opportunity to test and prove their wisdom to the volunteer who was manning the booth. We also had a Balloon and Dart booth where the kids could test their aim to win a few tickets. Additionally our intern Sarah Brinkman chose many entertaining arts and crafts projects which gave the kids a chance to express themselves creatively through painting and flower making. Some of the other booths that we had included Cut the Cake and Rubber Duck Race which allowed the kids to get in touch with their competitive side. After having the opportunity to win tickets, the kids could take them to the prize table to exchange them for goodies such as a blow-up guitar, a sticky man a slap bracelet and more. 

In addition to the many booths that we had, there were also several special guests that showed up to entertain the families. Firstly, we had Fantastic Fred who was present for the entire event to amaze the kids, their families and the SVC staff with his mind blowing magic tricks! Another visitor who was with us all day was Sammy the Slug who floated around the event, dancing and taking pictures with the kids which they were extremely excited about–he certainly livened the mood even more! Also, we had musicians Ben and Zack join us to brighten the day further with their tunes on the guitar and cajon–they were great! Later on in the day we had the Quantum Jujitsu group visit us to show off some of their martial arts moves as well as teach the kids some self-defense. The girls and boys did not hesitate to begin practicing these moves on the mats we had laid out! And last, but certainly not least, we had Michael Mott from City on a Hill Press join us to take pictures and document this fantastic event for us in the campus newspaper!

Overall, this was a really great event that was a successful attempt for the Student Volunteer Center to get in touch with our on campus community by providing a fun event for the kids and families of Family Student Housing! We would like to thank our volunteers who came out and weathered the cold for the benefit of the kids–your help was greatly appreciated! You are all awesome! We would also like to thank all of the entertainers that came out to make our day even better! We look forward to hosting this event next year and we hope that it will continue to be a greater event from here on out!