This year, Student Volunteer Center held the Student Recognition Ceremony on May 28, 5pm-7pm at the Alumni Room above the College 9/10 dining hall. It is an annual event held each spring to recognize students, staff, and faculty that have provided exemplary community service during their time at UCSC. It also recognizes student organizations and Greek organizations. The awards are based on applications, letters of recommendation, or nominations.
The following are the awards that one may receive:
– Silver Service Award: 1-2 quarters of service
– Gold Service Award: 3-7 quarters of service
– Platinum Service Award: 8-15 quarters of service
– Student Organization/Greek Award: Exemplary service throughout the 2013-2014 academic year
– Faculty/Staff Award: Exemplary service and mentorship during the 2013-2014 academic year

*The nominations for all awards are limited to service from Summer 2013 to the present quarter (except Gold and Platinum, which must include at least one quarter of service during the 2013-2014 academic year).

This year’s award winners:
– Silver Service Award: Areli Monroy and Rigel Smart.
– Gold Service Award:Leslie Melara, Lauren Greer, Vincent Del Prado, Oliver Standring, Chloe Acebo, Ashley Arteaga, Kiera Stasny, Alexander Moore, Elizabet Acevas, Melanie Weiner, Paige Morehead, Ashley Nava, and Susan Flores.
– Platinum Service Award:Jillian Stoeckman-Ramos, Wilson Lam, Chesea director, Aren Vierra, Harmony Reppond, Nicole Moody, Eddie Santos, Andrew Iliuta, and Valerie Campa.
– Student Organization/Greek Award: Kresge Parliament, Vietnamese Student Association, C.A.Re, Coaching Corps, and Sigma Omicron Pi.
– Faculty/Staff Award: David Shaw, Kathryn Mesa, Anna Durbin, John Steele, Elisabet Hiatt, Professor Stefano Profumo, Franklin Williams, and Lucy Rojas.