Second Harvest Food Bank Annual Reward Ceremony

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Hi everybody,

Hope you all have enjoyed this busy and eventful quarter! On Wednesday March 2, SVC was invited to Second Harvest Food Bank Annual Reward Ceremony. SVC Director Kim Le and Intern Clarissa Zhang joined this ceremony to celebrate success that Santa Cruz residents had against hunger. Last fall, SVC organized a Meal Plan/Flexi Dollar Drive as well as Brown Bag Drive. Generous students helped us by donating a total of $2315.58 to Second Harvest Food Bank. UCSC donated 50,451 pounds of food, making it one of the top ten participating organizations. As a whole, Santa Cruz County residents raised over 2 million pounds of food this year. We were proud to see the extent that UC Santa Cruz would go to help fight hunger. All of these donations will help feed our neighbors in need!

Great job Slugs!!

For more information about Second Harvest Food Bank, visit The food

-Clarissa Zhang
SVC Intern


SVC ASB Valentines Day Fundraiser

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As you all know, Valentine’s Day has come and gone but the memories created on such a special day will last forever. This Valentine’s Day on campus was particularly extra special this year. The Student Volunteer Center hosted their first Valentine’s Day Candy Gram Extravaganza and Card Decorating fundraiser in the Quarry Plaza on February 10th and 14th! To inquring minds, fundrasing proceeds will be used to buy supplies for our up and coming Alternative Spring Break trip to Tacoma, Washington. We will be graciously hosted by and working for Habit For Humanity, building housing developments for families in need. This was only made possible thanks to all you wonderful folks who came by and supported our cause! For those of you who saw our “Love Hut” or are wondering about it, we sold home made cards made by SVC and our ASB volunteers, 1/2lb bags of decadent chocolates, white tulips and pink and red roses, offered a delivery service, and even offered our own make-your-card workshop. And as an extra special treat, all the left over cards and candies went to the families of the Homeless Services Center downtown. I think it’s safe to say the love this year was felt by the entire community.

If any the events on our blog site interest you and you’d like to become involved, please come visit the SVC office located on the 3rd floor of the Bay Tree Bookstore Building (our desk is behind the receptionist’s desk). We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have! You can also shoot us an e-mail at or check us out at our website

Thanks again for all your support as always! And remember:
You+Candy+Love= a home for a family in need
-Chris Silva
SVC Intern

Happy New Year from SVC!

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Happy New Year! We hope that everyone had a restful winter break and is now ready and enthusiastic to volunteer. Thanks to your help, we ended 2010 on a great note with our annual Brown Bag Food Drive and Giving Tree Program. We collected 68 bags from six UCSC student organizations on the Base of Campus Day for our Brown Bag event that benefited the Second Harvest Food Bank. 79 children from the Walnut Avenue Women’s Center and from the Jesus, Mary, and Joseph Home, benefited from our Giving Tree Program. We received 1,103 donations that included 134 pairs of pants, 123 jackets and sweatshirts, 129 shirts, 254 socks, 51 shoes, 94 undergarments, 34 hats, 13 scarves, 22 gloves, 22 books, 34 miscellaneous toys, 129 toiletries, 20 art supplies, 7 diaper packages, 1 car seat, 17 sports gears, 14 onesies, and 5 baby blankets. Thank you to everyone who participated and made our accomplishments possible! SVC is currently preparing for Alternative Spring Break. You can find more information on ASB and other upcoming volunteer opportunities here.

We are also happy to introduce our new interns:
Brittany Lawrence
Chris Silva
Clarissa Zhang

Have a stress-free quarter!
-Brenda Beltran
SVC Intern

Pie Fundraiser for Jacobs Heart

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Thank you to everyone who supported SVC and Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services by buying a slice of pie and donating money during our fundraiser on Monday, November 22nd. For weeks, SVC interns worked on organizing the fundraiser and despite cold weather, students and staff enthusiastically came out to support our fundraiser. With your help, the event was successful and we were able to give to a great cause! Jacob’s Heart provides support to not only children with cancer, but their families as well as they struggle through the hardships of illness. No one should fight cancer alone. This is why Jacobs Heart Foundation provides services like counseling to children with cancer and their families. SVC also thanks Emma Gilman, a representative from Jacob’s Heart who traveled from Watsonville and braced the cold and rainy weather during the fundraiser. Thank you to everyone who was so willing to give and listen to Jacob’s Heart. If you would like learn more about Jacob’s Heart visit or if you are interested in volunteering for upcoming SVC events please check out the “Calendar of Events” on our website at or stop by our office.
Again, thank you all for your support!

Have a great winter break!
-Brenda Beltran
SVC Intern


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Thank you to all the organizations and UCSC students for coming out and participating in SVC’s 10th Annual Volunteer Fair!

The SVC staff and interns worked together to host the Volunteer Fair on October 14th, 2010 in the Quarry Plaza. We had 38 local organizations at the fair to show how UCSC students can help the Santa Cruz community.

We would also like to thank the 60 new Be the Match registrants. Because of you, we have increased the chances to save another person’s life!

As a new intern of SVC this quarter, I had a lot of fun tabling and informing UCSC students about how they can help the community.

We are excited to have received a lot of volunteer interests from many Banana Slugs!

Thank you, everyone, for coming to the Volunteer Fair!

Look forward to our upcoming Brown Bag event!

Until then, happy volunteering!

SVC Intern,
Jenn Kim

New year, new staff, new volunteer opportunities!

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We hope you all had a great summer! We are excited to introduce our new staff and interns for this quarter:

Director: Kim Le
Program Manager: Erin Flannery
Office Manager: Amanda Kimball

Brenda Beltran
Jennifer Kim
Joana Leonido

You can find more information on our new staff here

We hope you are as eager to get involved as we are! Our 10th Annual Volunteer Fair will take place on October 14th, 12-4pm in the Quarry Plaza by the bookstore. Over 30 organizations will participate in the event, setting up tables to reach out to UCSC students interested in volunteer, internship, and field study opportunities. The National Marrow Donor Program will also be on site to register students during the fair, connecting thousands of patients with a donor who can give them a second chance at life.

Check us out this year!

For more information, go to our website

See you soon!
SVC Director

SRC 2010

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Hey Everyone!

On Wednesday, May 26th, SVC hosted its 10th annual Service Recognition Ceremony. This event recognizes students, staff, and faculty that have completed exemplary community service during their time at UCSC. We annually award individual students, student organizations, Greek organizations, faculty and staff based on an application and letters of recommendation and/or a community member nomination.

This year’s Service Recognition Ceremony honored 40 individuals and one greek for their outstanding service efforts. The event was a huge success, with an inspiring speech from our key note speaker, Vice Chancellor Donna Murphy. Musical guests Stefan Orozco and Juliana Britto Schwartz also performed three amazing songs throughout the event. A number of volunteers showed up to receive their awards while sampling our delicious food spread with bagels, chocolate covered strawberries, and a number of baked goods all donated by local Santa Cruz businesses. The staff and interns did an excellent job in hosting this event, and we would like to give a special thanks to Donna Murphy, Franklin Williams, Barbara Silverthorne, Sheila Rodriguez, Stefan Orozco, and Juliana Schwartz for their meaningful contributions to this event!

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We thank everyone for their support throughout this quarter, and can not believe that this year is finally wrapping up. Keep checking our website to learn more about summer volunteer opportunities!

Best Regards,
Mia Lobaco
SVC intern

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